What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

Investing a year in enhancing your life work while continuing your regular clinical practice promises professional and personal satisfactions that you may not imagine. Our certificate program recognizes you are busy, yet want the best for yourself as a professional. We’ve designed the program so you can stay home, with the exception of spending three, three-day residencies with us in Louisville, and learn from the best.

Hosted by Wayne Institute Faculty Member, Donna Knudsen, Psy. D. and former student, Bob Taseff, M.A., this one hour Webinar session highlights the Institute course offerings and gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of all the Program has to offer.


Each three-day residency is divided into two parts. Each morning focuses on theory while the afternoon focuses on the application of the theory to particular cases.

The theory class lays the foundation upon which clinical practice rests. Given the major paradigm shifts occurring in all major psychotherapeutic models, our classes integrate the knowledge in a distinctive two-person, relational orientation. Informed by breakthroughs in neuroscience and infant research, we see how the self develops optimally in attachment with strong relationships. Given the importance of attachment, we better understand the nature of emotional injuries and their impact on subsequent development and functioning. Self-regulation, affect tolerance, ego strengths, defenses and resilience are studied in the context of integrating the brain-mind-body phenomenon presented as character.

In applying the fresh theory to your clinical practice, the afternoon class focuses on case material from your own work. Under the best clinical guidance of our faculty, you and your classmates will examine cases to gain insights and debate the optimal interventions available to you, the clinician.

After each three-day residency in Louisville, you will be part of regular teleconferenced case consultations and have the opportunity to participate in six three-hour webinars, again integrating the theory with your practice.

Regular assigned readings and our six teleconferenced webinars round out your experience before returning to Louisville for your third and final residency on campus to integrate theoretical and clinical application coursework.

A year with us will enhance your confidence and professional satisfaction in your life’s work of healing the wounded people who look to you with hope.