Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Wayne Institute at Bellarmine University is to train mental health professionals in the most advanced, effective theories shaping the practice of psychotherapy today. Given that foundation, the staff aims to immerse students in a clinical model that unifies these theories in a singular practice that has wide application. The focus of the curriculum derives from the most recent research in the field, but also surveys the historical roots of this practice as well. Clinicians will acquire knowledge and skills which are immediately transferable to clinical settings. The goal is for students to emerge as skilled, competent and confident practitioners, bringing new levels of proficiency and effective practice to their clients, colleagues and communities.

Our Beliefs

Being a good therapist requires:

  • Immersion in sound clinical theory, constantly made relevant by current research.
  • Ongoing commitment to learning throughout the course of one’s career.
  • Openness to look at one’s own challenges as a clinician, ferreting out blind spots and vulnerabilities.
  • The capacity for genuine, empathic connection with clients.
  • A willingness to be an authentic human being in a transformative partnership with the other.

Our Theoretic Grounding

We are hard-wired for growth, resilience and momentum toward authenticity.

Human development is fueled by early attachment patterns and processes, which powerfully impact adult life.

Difficulties and obstacles in living and relating can best be understood not as deficits, but rather as early failures of attunement and/or varying degrees of relational trauma.

Symptoms are efforts at adaptation.

It is the relationship between therapist and client that ultimately allows true, sustainable healing.

There is no one “right way” to be in the world. Human beings exist in multiple contexts and deserve to be respected and honored in their complexity.