Privacy Statment

The Wayne Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy (“The Institute”) is committed to providing privacy of personal information for our clients, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Although the Institute maintains ownership of all potential student, student and alumni profile data in Hubspot and MailChimp servers, this data is kept private for the intended use of creating a better user experience, contacting potential students about the program, contacting students and alumni with updates form the program, and other necessary updates from the Institute via email or post.

The Institute will not disclose a client’s protected information to third parties or government agencies, without consent, unless required by law. Client and employer information may be used to construct aggregate reports that assist the Institute in creating a better user experience. This information may also be used to troubleshoot problems and is accessible only to the Institute staff. Information routinely shared with parties outside of the Institute is shared only in aggregate form.

If you have any questions about the privacy statement, please contact the Wayne Institute at 502.451.8262 or