A Word from the Academic Director

Patricia Gianotti, Psy.D Academic Director, The Wayne Institute

Remaining vital and passionate about the work we do as therapists requires a serious commitment to on-going training and supervision throughout the lifespan of our careers. Becoming licensed and going into practice are only the first steps. Yet, many professionals stop receiving regular consultation or supervision in less than three years post licensure. Even though many clinicians wish to expand their expertise, one-shot CEU seminars seem to barely scratch the surface, and the time and cost of returning to graduate school often feels prohibitive.

Today’s practitioners are faced with increasing demands on their time and energy – increased number of patients, more challenging caseloads, reduced access to resources combined with limited insurance reimbursement. As a result, personal and professional self-care often takes a back seat to the demands of the job, leading to eventual discouragement or even burn-out.

We at the Wayne Institute recognize the challenges facing today’s practitioners. This is why we created a one-year certificate program tailored to the working professional. Our low-residency, distance learning structure allows you to maintain work commitments while being able to participate in an intense learning experience with our highly trained, diverse faculty.

As a student, you will be exposed to cutting-edge advances in both theory and practice through our three residencies and bi-monthly webinars. In addition, you will participate in on-going case consultation meetings throughout the year. These regular consultation meetings provide the opportunity to review your own cases with faculty and fellow colleagues, practice new intervention techniques, and improve overall patient care.

What is the feedback our graduates have given us at the end of the program experience? Without exception, they report that their confidence and expertise as clinicians have increased significantly, and that the year-long training experience far exceeded their expectations. Many of our students have even taken the leap to leave unchallenging work environments, or they have increased their fees and thus their yearly income.

We think the Wayne Institute is worth the investment, both for your clients, your growth as a professional, and hopefully your pocketbook.